Business Studies

Impact of online business on society
There are many advantages and disadvantages to online businesses that are listed below.
Online shopping-people no longer need to queue up for their shopping but can now do it online using a laptop or even their phone. This is a quick and efficient way for many people such as mums who are too busy to go out and the elderly who are not able to walk or are disabled. Another benefit to online shopping is that you can compare prices from various businesses, which does not create a hassle and saves time rather than going outside and looking for products that are cheaper. For example, the same packet of crisps could be cheaper at Asda than at Morison’s, due to price reductions. People could easily set up accounts on EBay and Gum Tree to sell their second hand products; this helps society because it is easier than going to a car boot sale.   It also can reduce fly tipping. When clicking on apps on your phone, you could check on the search button whether your product is in stock. When looking for products or accessories you will receive pop ups from your previous searches that makes it quicker for you if you want to purchase those products or accessories. Business organisations could advertise through mail for example, a frequent shoe buyer could be sent special offers on shoes.
To add to this, shopping online reduces human errors. For instance, when adding up your total unlike your local store who could make the odd error. In addition, online shopping enables customers of a particular business to access reviews of the products they want to buy before purchasing it to ensure that they are getting good value for their money. If you are sick, you could easily register online to see your local doctor or dentist. For those who are booking a holiday or a theatre ticket online, it is convenient and you could access reviews to see whether people have enjoyed their holiday experience. Furthermore, you could print your receipts,...