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Business Research Methods
The purpose of this document is to describe a management dilemma related to the health of men and women and how this issue translates into a research question. Such question helps guide the research team to gather the necessary data using a sample design to collect the data. The collected data organized in a table allows the analyst to identify trends and elements of information that provides the reasons or origin of the issue related to the management dilemma. This information in turn allows the management decides on the appropriate course of action.
Research Question
Management Dilemma:
Defining the management dilemma is a very important part.   By discovering the dilemma, it allows the manager to begin the process in formulating the question.   The U.S. Department of Health provides data and research of the age demographic that suffers from Systolic Blood pressure.   The data is assembled to obtain an overview and give a visual of the ages, weight, etc. The data provides an understanding of the ages and the causes of high blood pressure. The data also provides a breakdown of what may be the cause of high blood pressure. Exploration is the research of public data that will help to formulate the question a manager may have.
Define Management Questions:
Does Systolic Blood Pressure have anything to do with age? Yes, looking at the data it shows that the majority of Americans over the age of 45 are suffering from high blood pressure.   For most Americans, systolic blood pressure increases with age, while diastolic increases until about age 55 and then declines. About 65 percent of hypertensive over age 60 have isolated systolic blood pressure.  
Define Research Question:
At this stage several types of questions will be formulated to get an accurate response to the question. This data will allow you to ask more questions about the individual and determine the ages that each individual started to develop Systolic blood pressure.   Before...