Business Research Methods

Intro & Restate Research Question:
Description of Survey
Our survey was very short and asked direct questions.   The first subject was shipping factors where we asked participants to identify what they value in a shipping company: cost, delivery time, efficiency, and customer service.   Using a scale of one to five, where one is strongly value, participants can select which answer best fits.   We then ask our participants how often they use a shipping company domestically and internationally to get a better understanding how often they will be using services.   The third part then asks about customer experience with FedEx.   Using the same scale as section one, participants are asked five questions about customer service.   The next section inquires about cost to see if participants would pay more for faster service, or if cost is more important.   The final question asks where the participant is employed.   There is also a comment section at the bottom for any addition comments the participants may want to leave.
The set up of this survey is very simple and easy to understand.   It is not all about FedEx, which is beneficial because we are able to learn what it is these customers really want from a shipping company.   After finding that out, we ask to see how FedEx is doing in their perspective.   By asking how often the participants use shipping services, we can gain more insight to the other questions.   If a person rarely uses these services, maybe he or she does not have to ship anything or maybe pricing is too high.   The reason for the numerical responses is to make coding easier and leave less room for error. The main point of our survey is to inquire about pricing and if an individual would be willing to pay more for faster international services.   The flow of this survey made it easy for participants to answer and it was not biased to encourage full participation.   The revision included formatting changes to make it easier to read and follow.   We also changed...