Business Research Methods Ii


Business Research Methods II


Business Research Methods II
A sample design in the method that a researcher uses to collect sample information from a population.   Data collection and good decision-making relies on an appropriate sample design.   Since this is so important, Wal-Mart needs to use a well-planned out sampling design, so that it ensures that the right data is received from their target population.   As they measure the research findings about how customers who shop at Wal-Mart are affected by the influences of the economy, Wal-Mart has begun to use classification as the mapping rule that it uses for the general response type.   Wal-Mart has also used the four levels of measurement scale, and the classification that they provide about measurement are necessary to properly analyze their information.   This paper will explain how these concepts relate to Wal-Mart's situation.   It also includes a detailed questionnaire that Wal-Mart could use to reach the sample it desires   (Appendix A).
General Response Types
As we examine the findings that Wal-Mart reached about its customers and the economy's effect on them, there are mapping rules that must be devised, and then the property indicants must be observed with these rules.   For ever construct or concept, there are several measurement types that could be used, and you must choose between them based on assumptions about mapping rules   (Cooper, 2006). As this research has found, classification is the correct general response type.
The rule characteristics of the classification mapping is when the numbers are applied to sort or group responses, when no order exists (Cooper & Schindler, 2006).   Information from the ShopperScape Newsletter (2006) creates a chart that illustrates how often Wal-Mart's customers go to Wal- Mart.   This research was also used to break down Wal-Mart's...