Business Research Method

Topic:   Discuss about the sport, its political, economic, legal, media and social aspects in France.
So nowadays, the sport has a set of issues, whether educational, social, political, economic, legal, media, and at all levels and it is practiced, whether local, national or international.
In 1986, in his report before this meeting, Nelson PAILLOU asked the question:  
"At the dawn of the third millennium ... are the educational challenge, the political challenge and the economic challenge compatible? "
25 years later, this question is more topical than ever, with the enthusiasm that the sport arouse
Being myself a sports enthusiast and a high level practicing, I decided to answer that question in this test.
More precisely, my topic is to answer how to search, how to find sources, the ways to find it, and where can I do this kind of research.
To answer this question, I will use some primary source of litterature, like government publication. This document will help me to find key figures about my topic.
Otherwise, several sources will come from reports of survey institutes like “International Olympic Committee” (CIO) or some Federations to allow me to find other key figures, as well as studies on my topic
For some secondary sources, I will use some newspapers as “Le monde” or “Les échos”,
To finish, I already send questionnaires to sports associations and some champions.
Moreover, I ll try to have an interview of Thierry LINCOU, who is the n°1 French squash player and one of the best player in the world.