Business Proposal

.   Wilson Jr.
Skills for success
Argosy University

Personnel Learning Statement
I would like to say I am a grounded person; I do tend to think ahead a little bit.
I allow myself to dream sometimes, not too much though just the old run of the mill
Stuff, like what I would do if I won the Texas Lotto. I have goals planned that I will to whatever
Within reason to achieve, having my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and later obtaining my
Masters would help me gain entrance to a lucrative and never ending field crime in this country
Is not ever going down statistics show that crime actually is on the rise across the country.
Career wise I plan to attempt to gain employment with either the DEA, FBI, TSA, NSA or
Homeland Security, I believe this agency will keep me on my toes on a daily basis and afford
Me a decent Salary. My only fear is that the age requirements are 45 and when I finish I would
Just a little bit passed the age requirement. Hopefully they change the requirements or adjust
After all there are a lot of middle age men and women changing their career fields.
I am in this situation simply because I did not do this 20 yrs ago when I had the opportunity to
Do so but I was young and very naive of what a traditional college life style was like I really had
No clue on how to manage away from home being in a different environment and not too good
At time management or financial stability and my girlfriend at the time was beginning to see she
Had other options so that was hard to deal with as well so mad the best got an associate in social?
Worker and never wanted to go back until a year ago because I felt like it was something I
Needed to do to show my daughter who is 17 that no matter what life altering experience you
Have you can bounce back and achieve good things. That’s what a plan to get out of my time
Here at Argosy and with the help of friends and family that is what I plan to do.