Business Process


These are specific activities that are structured so as to accomplish certain set goals. These sets of activities are usually related that produce a specific product or service. It can mostly be visualized as a set of activities or flow chart with interleaving decision points. Business process exists in three forms (Grosskopf, Grosskopf, Decker, & Weske, 2009). That is the support process, management process and operational process. This paper focuses on the organizational process of Riordan industry. This is the manufacturing process in the industry.
Riordan industry is a global manufacturing industry headquartered in San, Jose California. The main productions of the company include custom plastic parts, plastic beverage containers, and plastic fan parts. The production of plastic fan parts is currently located in china manufactures all the custom plastics and finally the company in Albany manufacturers the plastic containers for Riordan. The table shows the process flows by Riordan in its manufacturing process
Business Process | Design/Efficiency Improvement Opportunities |
Receiving raw materials |     * Shipping documents processing   * Reconciliation of shipping documents and order receiving     * Inventory and materials reports     * Raw materials to and from the factory     * Daily reporting.   * Inventory clerk enters raw material receipts into the system. |
Inventory manufacturing |     * Form for raw material usage prepared   * Entering of data material to the inventory system by the clerks   * product report sub-assemblies     * reconciliation of the report at the clerk desk |
Shipping of final product |     * entering of sales into the customer billing     *   Order shipping team finished products from inventory for shipping and sales.   * Loading of products on trucks   * Customer shipping system update for truck number together with the date and shipment time   * Updating of inventory systems   *...