Business Plan

Blueberry Dream

“…….” Is a start-up dessert bar and cake bakery that will be located in North London. “…..”, s will offer various types of dessert and cocktails in a quick-service, old fashion looking bar. Costumers will also be able to order their own personalised cakes for every occasions from birthday cakes to bigger wedding cakes. “….” Hopes to be a place of meetings for not only families but also students. The business hopes to build a strong market position because of the mild competition in the area.
“….” will build up a loyal following by using only local, fresh products and also offering an organic cakes and desserts. Costumer will have a wide range of flavours and shapes to choose from for a personalised cake or be able to bring their own designs that we will bring to life in a form of the best quality cake.
Personal Information:
At the beginning of the business, I and a hired baker will be the only ones to run bakery but I will also be interested in hiring a person who will run the shop and take phone orders. All of the workers will be expected to have experience with baking and passion to do that. If more staff will be required, “…” will provide a training for new workers to make sure our workers are competent to help us run bakery.

1.“….” Aims to attain sales of £10,000 in the first year.
2. Increase second year sales by 60% and third year by 40%
3. At the end of the third year expand the business by opening a second store that will also include a coffee shop.
4. At the end of the second year buy a local that’s rented.
Marketing plan:
“….” Believes that it will gain many costumers because of the gap in the market as there is not many cake shops and desserts bars in on in this particular area. We also aim at wider audience by regulating our prices to make them affordable for an average person. Because of the good location with schools nearby we hope to attract many teenage customers by offering them student...