Business Plan

1.0 Mission Statement
Just Love Cupcakes makes every occasion special by individualizing each order to suit the customers’ needs in every way, shape and form.   We hope that with the blend of all our amenities plus the love and care put into every bite that our customers will always be coming back for more.

2.0 Business Description
Our business is a specialty cupcake bakery named “Just Love Cupcakes”. We will supply specialty cupcakes for various occasions that include theme parties, holidays, special occasions, weddings and just because. We will also have the transportation to deliver packaged cupcakes to customers for any occasion. Because we are just starting out as a new business we won’t be able to deliver anywhere just yet. We will provide service to many close surrounding cities such as Boardman, Warren, Cleveland, and others. The first ten miles of the delivery are free!   After that, there is a ten dollar charge for each additional five miles.
One of the unique and special qualities of our business is that we provide our customers with the opportunity to choose how their cupcake will be made, or the option to choose one of our pre-designed cupcakes. Just Love Cupcakes will be considered a bakery so people can walk into our shop and buy cupcakes out of our display case.   According to, a retail bakery has an advantage over a wholesale bakery because they can promote their goods from their window displays, attracting more customers in and having a better chance of sales.
We will have a flavor booklet available to customers to choose 50 basic flavors for their order, but we do not bake all 50 on a daily basis.   We offer 5 basic flavors that will be available everyday in our store.   These flavors are vanilla, chocolate, chocolate and vanilla mixed, peanut butter, and red velvet. We will also bake special holiday cupcakes such as pumpkin for the fall and Halloween, strawberry and cherry for valentines and sweetest day and...