Business Plan

Executive summary
By focusing on key customers with and meeting their needs in the specified areas, the profits of the company should increase three times in the up coming two years. The customers that would benefit with Fantasy Star Game help would be game retail stores whether big or small. The customers would also see an increase in their profits by two fold in just one year. While considering in dealing with Fantasy Star Game the customers would note an increase in their gross income and in their sales margin.
The main focus of this company is to provide merchandise whether it’s software by this we mean the actual games that would be sold and also the machines to be able to play these types of games. Fantasy Star Game promises top quality merchandise. This company was built for the satisfaction of the customers and the satisfaction of the consumers. The key goal is to offer the best at moderated and fair prices. So both you the customer to sell to the public can make a profit and the consumer can buy without paying over priced for an item. Fantasy Star Game counts with a staff that personally tests and assures us that the items we are offering you are good quality at a reasonable price.
Goals to accomplish
  * Increase sales of machines by a 40% by the end of one year.
  * Increase sales of games to a 60% by the end of the year.
  * Increase customer satisfaction by a 90% by the end of the year.
  * Increase accessories of machines by a 10%.
  * Bring in new rare machines and rare games.
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