Business Models

Business Models, Systems and Organization
James Tincher

McDonalds Business Models, Systems and Organization

The company I have picked for my assignment is McDonalds. I have picked this company because not only is it one of the largest companies in the world and the fact that I have worked for them and that I am very familiar with them as well. After some research on the company I have found that McDonald’s three components of the business system broken down are that their business commerce involves the trade of money in the common form of a credit card, debit card and or cash in exchange for their product which would be its food and service. I feel that the business occupation is when McDonalds requires its employees to go through a special training program in order to learn the customer service and accurate service skills needed to meet company standards and to provide to their customers as well as train them to cook and prepare food properly for the customers   in a timely manner. McDonald’s form of business origination uses its managers to form a relationship with the owners this will set up a chain of command for the franchise in which the owner controls the management and the management has control over the crew members. For the next part of the assignment I felt that McDonalds is a joint stock company because McDonalds is a franchise cooperation this means that people pay the cooperation for the use of their product and name and doing this allows for them to buy a portion of the company’s stock. This is different from the other three types of types of company options that where witch mentioned are limited liability, partnership and sole proprietorship. I feel it is not a limited liability because not only does McDonalds not have LLC behind the name but if the company where to go bankrupt their creditors would not have the ability to go to the franchisees and seek possession of their assets in order to pay the debt...