Business Management

Legal and Political Framework of Germany

      The government of Germany has the impact on the environment, through government policies, laws and regulations, as well as other restrictive measures work. Government of Germany talks about foreign policy and attitudes that reflect the improvement of the fundamental ideas of the national interest. Therefore, before entering into Germany it is essential to try to assess the country's political and legal environment.
      In Germany, international marketing staff is aware of the political parties advocate, that are paying particular attention to the attitude of foreign investors and foreign governments. The enterprise is often seen as a representative of the country, and it is a symbol of nationality (Peter Katzenstein, 1989, P. 69-99). We do not have to study the basic proposition of representative of political parties, but also study the political parties of the country as a whole system, because each political party advocates will play an influence role on government policies. In Germany, the political system is not yet fully accepted because of regional differences that bring psychological differences and, also need considerable time to adjust and run-in.
      However, with the deepening of the change, the former East German era affected by the West German people instead of competitive pressure in the market economic system, facing unemployment because of the original stealth unemployment that became open unemployment and several businesses were forced to close due to unemployment (Peter Katzenstein, 1989). The number of East Germans, who were in addition to psychological imbalance and the former East German citizens, were considered as second class citizens feelings of institutional transformation that had more confusion and even resentment.

Affects on HR functions

      The political framework has affected the HR functions in several ways such as; with the change in the political framework,...