Business Management

Today we observe and are the evidence of a huge transformation in the business practices. The culture of doing business and looking after the customer has changed in a dramatic way. Gone are the days when mostly businesses were focused on transactions rather than relationship building. The environment transformed from traditional marketing practices to Relationship integrated marketing environment.
Organisations transformed into relationship building institutions and focused on implementing the strategies with the help of modern marketing scientific theories and models not only to serve customer better but also to retain them.
The role of Customer relationship management is hugely significant in current brutal, ruthless and highly competitive business environment.
No matter what business and where, geographical limitations are story of the past, information barriers are ditched somewhere so deep and Choices are countless. Gone are the days when today’s necessities were the luxuries of elites.
The economic wheel and media invasion changed attitude, preferences and buying habits of the customers.
In our report we look into the highly important and critical business tool, which is known as Customer relationship management (CRM). Its importance in an organisation’s successful business operations,   how and by what it helps and give provisions   the organisations to build up their customer data base, customer profile , so they can identify each individual customer according to their desire and demands. More importantly how CRM helps organisations not only to serve customers better but also retain them for a longer time to maximise their profitability and competitiveness in the market.
We also look into the E-business activities that how organisations use IT infrastructure to communicate across the supply chain and serve the customer adequately and minimise the cost of serving them.

The CRM and logistics are two strategic tools by integrating them...