Business Management

Our company background

HQC (call High Quality International Electronic Limited Company) is a listed company in 2006. The main products are mobile phones, such as Smartphone.

Founded by Cherry Wong, Henry Lam, Joe Chan, Director of the board & Chairman of HQC Foundation and Andy Chou, President and CEO. It established special partnership with the main mobile brands, including the leading five operators in Europe, the top three in the US, etc. It has brought the products to the market with the industry leading OEM partners, then since July 2006 to develop our own HQC brand. Then, we had more than three hundred employees to help our company to create more equipment.

HQC’s mission about it can become the leading innovative supplier of mobile phone and develop some innovative Smartphone to lead the user to experience real freedom of movement.

Our company was launched HQC 4G phone in Hong Kong to meet our consumer ‘need and satisfy because people also need the mobile phone to communicate with others. In additional, marketing objectives are testing and observation Hong Kong reaction by our product and matching our consumer’s needs and requirements. Then, we can try to launch HQC 4G phone in China market to expand our market share. We focus to sell HQC 4G phone, between the age of 18 to 59 years old of male and female. According our company annual business report, HQC’s sale revenue is US $12 billion to increase 40 percent in 2009-2010.

Marketing Mix
Price: we also face our business may increase or decrease the price of 4G phone if other stores have the same product. The price of HQC 4G phone about 5000 dollars.
Place: We can use the horizontal marketing system to distribute our 4G phone in various regions of Hong Kong mobile phone shops. We must sell fifty above 4G phone per day.
Promotion: we can use television advertising to promote our 4G phone to attract more consumer attention. We can give premiums such as memory cards....