Business Management Report

This report is to give details of the employment opportunities available for Business, Marketing and Human Resource Management. It will identify key skills needed in a business environment and it will discuss the reasons why this degree will differentiate students from other degree subjects. Also this report illustrates how important business is in the world. It explains to a possible future student why it is a good choice. It is my aim for the reader to understand through my research how vital a career in business is and to win them over so that they do in fact study it.
Employment opportunities for graduates in Business, Marketing and HRM:
Finance –
  * Account executive
  * Commercial banking
  * Financial planner
  * Commercial lending officer

Example of an account executives job roles-
  1. Responsible for financial reporting
  2. Taxation
  3. auditing,
  4. Forensic accountancy,
  5. Corporate finance and insolvency.

They play a strategic role by providing professional advice, aiming to maximise profitability on behalf of their client or employer. They work in many different settings, including public practice firms, industry, commerce and the public sector”.
  * Personnel manager
  * Operations manager
  * Hotel resort manager
  * Human Resources
  * Quality control manager
Example of a hotel managers job roles–
  1. “A holiday representative is responsible for looking after groups of clients on package holidays at resorts”.
  2. “Their main priority is to ensure that clients enjoy their holiday and that everything runs as smoothly as possible for them. As the public face of the tour operator, they must create an excellent first impression and continue to provide an outstanding service to clients throughout the duration of their stay”.
  3. “The role involves holding welcome meetings, handling complaints and...