Business Macdonalds

Business History

History of business

1972- The McDonalds store was officially opened in the Liverpool

1993- The McDonalds was taken under new management and bought by Kristoffer Picco

2004- The McDonalds restaurant was moved to a bigger space in Liverpool Westfield’s

2008- Alyica Hammil became the first female general manager for McDonalds

2010- Alyica Hammil become pregnant and Jimmy Guterias because the new general manager in McDonalds

Internal factors contributing to:


    - Managers- Managers cooperate efficiently and set all tasks to be done

    - Employees- good hard working employees who are dedicated to complete the job

    - Strong strategic, short term and day to plan

    - Excellent marketing


    - Managers- Managers can be lazy and not cooperate efficiently. They can cause havoc and problems may occur in the workplace environment.

    - Employees- They can steal food and not work to high standards. This has a negative impact financially where the business is losing money on stolen foods. Also the bad employees could repel customers, hence also losing business and money.

External factors contributing to:


    - Customers- they bring money to the business and without them the business won’t survive

    - Technology- Technology and help make more success as making and preparing the food can be easier with the help of technology. The can make the making of foods much faster and make them taste better, for example is timers on food products.

    - Economic climate can affect the business. Often a poor economic climate pushes people towards comfort fast food like McDonalds.


    - Competition- Competitors are big threats to McDonalds as they try taking customers away from the fast food giant who lowers their profits and earnings.

    - Government policies- Can influence prosperity in the business as new health or food policies can mean changing burger types and...