Business Level 2 Unit 8 Merit 2 Internal and External Documents.

Unit 8 merit 2 comparing my choice of internal and external documents.
For this unit l will revisit the documents l have produced in pass 2 and 3 and write a report which compares the choices l have made.

External document (letter)

For pass 3 I used a letter when l had to book a one day training course for Asif’s employees. I decided to use a letter because it was the most professional and appropriate way for the task. Booking the training course through a letter was also the best method in this case because it is relatively cheap and hardly ignored than other methods. A letter is also much organised compared to other methods like sending an email. The main reason why l did not use an email is because it is not as professional and there is a chance that the person I’m sending to does not check their email frequently.

Internal document (agenda)

For this task, l had to inform the staff that there was going to be a meeting and what the meeting was going to be about. I also had to include the time, date and location of the meeting. The most suitable method was to use an agenda because it’s simple which makes it easy to understand and it can be adapted during the meeting. Asif did not have to stick by the listed topics. An agenda was also the best way for Asif to inform his staff about the meeting because it has useful advantages. For example, besides listing the topic of discussion which keeps the meeting orderly his staff can include other ideas that they might have come up with too. Using an agenda also gives everyone an equal opportunity of contributing because they can see the list of topics in advance which gives them a chance to think about what they want to say. An agenda is much more appropriate compared to a note which is unprofessional and the employees could easily ignore.

External document (purchase order)

I chose a purchase order this task of requesting and confirming orders from the supplier so that the production department is not...