Business Incubation

The extraordinary revolutionary change the United States economy has gained the attention of internal structures, cultures, and strategies. Many has disagreed with large industrial companies on how to maintain in this new and growing economic order, one has to restructure his or her organization environments as a business incubator. To accomplish new and also the growing social economic opportunities are developing and commercializing new product, new processes, and new business models among others. The goals and objectives are to require firms to pursue and gain creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Companies can also embrace changes and adopt business incubation as a strategy. The fact is because this not being set up for only new companies are known as a technology-driven also for large industrial corporations.
This paper will show how to make business incubation strong for new and upcoming technology driven companies. This will also show how economy, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship maintain in an   exclusive routine or can only e for small firms instead it will show how they can be part of a large company only if he or she wants the company to move forward   in today’s economy.
With research one may develop a testable hypothesis to validate its claims also assertion. In the last few years many has seen and turn around change in the way the United States economy has gotten. He or she may call it “entrepreneurial economy” or the “new economy.”   With this concept this should allow managers to view his or her organization as a business incubator that may have certain kinds of structures, cultures, values, beliefs, norms, etc., and also polices.
The development and diffusion of business incubators has been indicative of changes within the United States economy. This has become known as the “industrial age” as well as the “information age.” Certain conditions today has set roles and contribution of firms, new businesses starting...