Business Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Welcome to “Hells Reaper Paintball”.   Hells Reaper Paintball is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, the best selection of paintball equipment no matter your skill level.

Goals and Objectives

Find funding for my paintball shop and inventory.
Find location for paintball shop and paintball field.
Find motivated and knowledgeable staff.

Double the sales of paintball guns my second year in business.
Create a twenty-four (24) team paintball league and host four (4) regional tournaments at my paintball field in three years.
Create a new shop location every seven years.

We will specialize in every paintball product you can imagine, for the beginner just starting off, all the way to the pro player, in the tourney scene.   Hells Reaper Paintball will include a full service retail shop and an outdoor paintball field.   The shop will carry the latest high-end and low-end paintball markers, paintball attire, and essential paintball equipment.

Management Structure

Hells Reaper Paintball will be a sole proprietorship ran by the owner, .   I like this idea of business, because I will be making all the decisions and will be my own boss.   My employees must be knowledgeable in the field of paintball, be able to buy into the company mission statement of providing outstanding customer service and willing to go the extra mile for customers.   Teamwork will be essential for coordinating different events with the paintball field and the retail shop.   The manager will report directly to me the owner and his primary jobs will be ordering, monitoring sales, inventory and overseeing the line staff.   The line staff’s primary job will be sales, providing excellent customer service and helping with events at the paintball field.   During the tournaments and league events at the paintball field we will be hiring temporary staff to help with these events.

The two leadership techniques I would most utilize would be the...