Business Ethics

1. What is the distinction between ethics and morality?
The distinction between ethics and morality is that ethics is the discipline that examines ones moral standards of a society. Ethics are what makes you a good politician, It is also what we makes a good human as a manager of any large company, and we must will affect people we don’t know and people we can’t know, people who are just statistics to us.
Morality is the way that how we treat people we know and Ethics are how we treat people we don’t know, also is to be a good husband, father or a good friend. Even a good employee or boss to the people we know personally in the company. For example the way that I communicate with the employee as a manager from McDonalds, using the key word, please can you swipe and mop and thank you always when I ask for a favor to any employee, I say please can you and for last thank you.
2. Identify some new (two) ethical issues rose by new technologies.
Some new ethical issues that rose by new technologies are the industrial revolution, brought with it a new form of machine production that enable businesses to make massive quantities of goods, to ship and sell in national markets. In addition these changes in turn required large organizations to manager the enormous armies, on long assembly lines in huge factories. However the result of large corporation that came to dominate our economies and that brought with it a host of new ethical issues. In fact new technologies developed in the closing decade of the twentieth century and the opening years of the twenty first century, are gain transforming society and business creating potential for new ethical problems, also these technologies have spurred a number of changes, such as increasingly rapid globalization and the decreasing importance of distance, the rise of new ways to communicate and transfer any kind of media, movies, newspapers, music books, mail from one place to another. Example computer enable us to collect...