Business Ethics

Organizational Assimilation
Ottawa University Organizational Communication

Organizational assimilation is a glamorized term for conforming to a society and an organization and its policies and procedures. Organizational assimilation is the process of a new employee adapting and making sense of their job title and the organization they join. A formal process to initiate employees is commonly known as orientation and is used widely by many companies; orientation can also involve the owner or CEO which represents an open door policy for the company meaning communication and problem solving is welcome from all employees. The process of learning the business environment can be both challenging for the employee and the other employees and the company. Some just are not fit for the job or may not work well with the other members of the company. Unfortunately employees not only have to be skilled, but they also must work together as a team so personalities must also be harmonious which is challenging(Eisenberg, Goodall, Jr., & Trethewey, 2010, p. 126).
During the transitional phase, employees learn to differentiate between rules and norms that must be followed and those that can be ignored(Eisenberg, Goodall, Jr., & Trethewey, 2010, p. 126). A handbook is a norm for companies which often have designated policies and procedures listed in the book. Employees may bend rules and possibly eliminate steps in order to achieve quicker results or spend less labor on the result. A new employee might be exposed to the different practices by employees which can cause even more difficulties while becoming familiar with the company and its’ practices. I have been engaged in several training programs, also as a manager I have experienced employees bending rules whether it’s a minor step or something more critical it seems any change confused me as to whether the company backs what it says in the handbook. It seems the larger corporations have the budget and time to make...