Business Ethics

Business Ethics Reflections

Alice Smith
March 4, 2012
University of Phoenix Axia
Jamie S. Gisi

When dealing with virtue, value, and moral concepts in the workplace can be difficult because your fellow co-workers ethics maybe different from what you believe in. In the workplace, ethical dilemma happens every day and it is sometimes hard to resolve them. For example, I and my fellow co-workers have a dilemma about what to cut back in our work area to benefit our company. My fellow co-worker has decided to lay-off a department which is benefiting the company, but me on the other hand I feel like it is morally wrong to lay-off the department that is making our company the most money. Having a good ethical background in business can prepare you when dealing with employees and dilemmas. Virtues and values mean the same thing to me because it what you believe in and how to react to a conflict when there is a dilemma that you are facing within the workplace. People really don’t go by that motto because their moral concept maybe a little different than yours or it could be that they really don’t understand what ethics really mean.
Social pressure is a major influence in business ethics because employees, supervisors, and managers perceive the way you interact with your fellow co-workers can cause a dilemma in the workplace. For instance, one of my fellow co-workers had on a short skirt on, and our manager called her into the office and told her that it was unprofessional in the workplace. Social pressure is when companies have a reputation of being unethical and unmoral to their employees, and that situation can cause an ethical dilemma in the workplace for employees too. It what you say and how you say it is beneficial when dealing with social pressure because when my co-workers and I had the dilemma about to what to cut back on what can benefit our company, and my co-worker had said “that it is not good for them to make more money than my department...