Business Ethics

Part II:
Summary - In this age of advancement in technology business will find themselves under continual   scrutiny of what is right and wrong. They will have to answer the question of ethic, and become more aware of how their advancement in technology will affect the world as a whole. This rings true in this article, which use synthetic biology innovations to either enhance the science of fuel energy or create a weapon which could destroy the world.

You do not have to go back years to align yourself with the thought of using DNA to create some form of organism. The scientist at the J Craig Venter Institute back in May of 2010 decided to insert created DNA into a cell of bacteria and found they had created some crazed organism. Then they would work to sell this organism (they had no idea of what it was) to the American public or at least the science community. The telling statement in this article said: ‘ this success reveals how adept scientists and industry are becoming at manipulating life at a cellular level. This may perhaps pave the way for breakthroughs in advanced biofuels, and new medicines attacking some of humanity’s most basic and enduring diseases”.   It is amazing that they made mention to the fact that in the wrong hand in the mind of an equally talented entrepreneur this same creation could bring about our next weapon of terror.

While trying to wrap my mind around   how such an innovation would become widely accepted one way or the other I was concern about the regulation put in place for some form of control. Understanding the industry is one of innovation and advancement in technology these controls would be paramount. While some are pushing to become the powerhouse in the advancement others are poised to set regulatory processes in place so this industry will not get out of control.

Accepting the fact that the use of DNA to find other forms of energy, create medical breakthroughs, and even enhance how we use weapon will no doubt catch on...