Business Ethics and Globalization

There are many ethical issues which result from globalization; there are issues of race, of lack of completion of assignments due to a worker not being able to adjust to the new surroundings he or she may find themselves in, and the lack of respect for a company’s supply chain. Working underage people in sweat shops across different countries in the world is also an ethical issue many companies have come under fire for.        
    Many people who accept overseas assignments are not able to complete the jobs because of the worker’s inability to adjust to the foreign work environment. These types of contracted jobs often end early and unsuccessfully which results in the company who the person is representing to look bad and lose money and possibly future business. When a worker accepts a position overseas and he or she does not fulfill the contract which was agreed upon, job performance and satisfaction is affected which then reflects poorly on other employees and the company which was being represented.
    Another ethical issue which companies now have to deal with is the attention to ethical issues in the company’s supply chain. Companies now are not able to pretend they do not know what their suppliers are doing; whether or not supplies are being delivered as they should. Tracking systems put in place now make these companies responsible for what their suppliers do unlike the past when they could say “I don’t know what happened.”
    The final example of an ethical issue which has come about due to globalization is the disrespect for people, honesty, and integrity. There have been companies which have come under fire from the media and other outlets for running sweat shops. Having underage people working for a few cents a day for hours on end is ethically wrong and illegal.