Business Ethical Dilima

Business Ethics Dilemma
Jeremy Newton
Axia’s University of Phoenix

      Ethics and social responsibility are the most important things when it comes to a person’s personal life, or when you are referring to how accomplishments of a business.   Most companies will put together a very comprehensive plan; followed by long thought on what role ethics will have and what effect will social responsibility have on the comprehensive plans that are in the need of stakeholders, management, and subordinate level.   With the growing rate of corporate scandals ethics could not be more important in today’s business environment.
    In my previous employment there was so many different occasions when I was present to over hear or see different types of behavior that is not suppose to be done in the workplace. There are also many different occasions when I was a target of this type of unethical behavior.   This type of scenario is seen every day at the workplace and sometimes goes without notice especially by upper management. I had to get used to the verbal abuse and racial jokes and take them with a smile.   I even got used to laughing with my managers and so good at hiding the real person inside that really wanted to break down and cry.  
There was one thing in particular that stands out and this took place at one of my previous employments.   I was new to the position of timeshare sales, and coming from the low class employment category of marketing you were not accepted with open arms.   The company was structured as any other company giving one person who in this case was the Director of Sales the last say to every decision made by lower management.   I came in scared and because of me being younger than everyone there I was usually by myself and only communicated with the trainer.   For six months straight I did not get any qualified tours making my job more difficult.   This was in direct result because I was new and I was not a part of the political parties that made up...