Business Environment

Business Environment
      Business environment can be described as the interaction of internal and external factors that affect the ordinary operations of an organization. Whereas there are some factors that affect organizations in a similar manner, each organization operates under its own business environment that is unique to the operations of the organization. To illustrate this fact, this paper describes the business environment of a charitable organization and that of a public limited company.
Task 1 on Internal Organization Factors
      The Welcome Trust is one of the largest charitably organizations spenders originating from the United Kingdom. The Wellcome foundation was first founded in 1938 by Henry Wellcome and it provides financial assistance to research activities that focuses on the improving the life of human beings and animals. The organization also focuses on the application of the research findings in the medical profession. The vision of the organization is to "achieve extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds". The organization plans to achieve this by providing all the necessary resources to the brightest minds in the field of biomedical research and human humanities. Originally, the organization was fully owned by the Wellcome trust but in 1986, Wellcome’s will was amended to allow the floatation of 21% of the drugs company shares in an effort to raise funds. This meant that the foundation become a both privately and publicly owned organization. The organization reported a 15.7% return on capital by the end of 2013. The organization operations are run from two buildings located in London along Euston Road.
      John Lewis Partnership first opened its doors in 1864 through the opening of a draper shop by John Lewis. Over the course of the organization existence, various partnerships have been established with the view of increasing the number of product lines and quantities sold in the retail...