Business Environment

For make a successful result in business, we must intelligent and find what excellent competitive strategies to compete with other competitor are. From scenario 1, Wal-Mart Inc was used monopolistic competition. Monopolistic competition is relatively large number of seller where Wal-Mart Inc was expended their stores to 24 stores across Arkansas.
Competitive strategies that employed by Wal-Mart Inc is their make differentiated product. Differentiated product strategies is product attributes, service, location, brand names and packaging and some control over price.
Wal-Mart Inc behaviors like core retail business the divided into four retail divisions instance Wal-Mart stores, super centers, Sam’s Club warehouses and neighborhood market was product attributes strategies where their differentiated the physical of product. The evidence is Wal-Mart stores and super centers provide “one stop family shopping” combining groceries and general merchandise department however Sam’s Club leading only warehouses club and neighborhood market offer a convenient shopping experience for customer who need groceries, pharmaceuticals and general merchandise.
Wal-Mart also opened its first stores outside Arkansas, in Sikeston, Missouri and Claremore, Oklahoma. Its show that Wal-Mart Inc was make location strategies where their differentiated the location on other mean expand or opened more stores at other place that located nears the customer or beside street to attract more customers.
Some control over price also was strategies that used Wal-Mart Inc. It is when Wal-Mart Inc provides lower priced goods for consumers at lower priced by accepting lower margins, while selling greater quantities of goods.
The role of the Competition Commission is build to ensure that there is healthy competition in the UK economy by investigating and addressing issues concern in three areas. First role is which are likely to result in substantial lessening of competition by mergers between...