Business Environment

Business Environment Assignment
Business Environment Assignment

Task 1 2
1.1. The purpose of different types of organisation: 2
1.2. The extent to which the UK-based entertainment organisation meets stakeholder objectives: 2
1.3. The responsibilities and strategies of the UK based entertainment organisation: 3
Task 2: 4
2.1 Resource Allocation through Economic Systems 4
2.2 Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy 4
2.3 Impact of Competition and Regulatory Policies 5
Task 3: 6
3.1 Market Structure in Pricing and Output Decisions 6
3.2 Market Forces and Organisational Responses 7
3.3 Role of Cultural Environment in Organisational Behaviour 7
Task 4 8
4.1. The significance of international trade to the UK business organisations: 8
4.2. The impact of global factors on the UK based business organisations: 9
4.3. The policies of the European Union and its impact on the UK business organisations: 9
References 12

Task 1
1.1. The purpose of different types of organisation:
There are various types of business organisation based upon their ownership and profit is the major objective in order to survive in the competitive market. However, there are some non-profitable organisations and their main objective is to serve the society and they are mainly governed by government bodies. The business organisations could be divided into three sectors based on their purpose of business and they are private sector and public sector. Private sector organisations are owned by individuals and their main purpose is to make a profit (Demirel & Kesidou, 2011). In order to make profits, the private sectors are intended to enhance their sales, expand market share, and increase their business performance by providing effective customer services.
On the other hand, the public sector organisations are owned by government bodies and their primary objective is to serve people. The taxes given by the people are used to...