Business Enviroment


Business environment is composed of two words ‘Business’ and ‘Environment’. In economic sense ‘Business’ means human activities like production, purchase or extraction or sales of products or services that are performed to earn money. Meanwhile ‘Environment’ means the aspect of surroundings. Business environment is the set of conditions institutional, political, economical, legal or social that is uncontrollable and affects the functions of the organization.
Business environment consists of two components: external environment and internal environment.   Internal environment includes of 5 M’s like management, money, machinery, material and man. On the other hand, External environment consists of demo-graphical factors, socio-cultural factors, political factors, geo-physical factors, government and legal factors.  

5.       Understand the organizational purpose of business

1.1   Identify the purpose of different types of organizations

There are different types of organizations and mainly all kinds of organizations are divided in three sectors: public sectors, private sectors and voluntary sector organizations. The purposes of those organizations are not same. Public sector is owned and run by the government for the people. People pay taxes to the government and this money is used to finance most of the public sectors. The main purposes of public sectors organizations are to provide essential public services and to use resources well for the benefit of the community. Private sector businesses are owned and run by private individuals. Examples of private sector businesses are franchises, companies (private and public), partnership and sole traders. Purposes of private sector organizations are making profit, growing their business, increasing market share and maximize sales. Voluntary groups are not owned by any individual people. However, some will be responsible for ensuring that it sets targets and budgets and does what it is set up to do....