Business Communication

I am currently employed as an apprentice administrator at St. Francis Junior School, My job role includes answering calls, greeting guests and guiding them through the security procedures should they need to gain access into the school. Some of my administration tasks include creating letters, spreadsheets and other working documents. I am, also, heavily involved with the SIMS system which allows me to be in control of the dinner arrangements and money. I am, also, currently working on improving the attendance of the school which can monitor through SIMS. This assignment will explain and reflect how I can incorporate personal development to further myself and the school.
Task 1
      1.1 & 6.1 Explain the relevance of the communication cycle in effective communication. Identify the purpose of the communication cycle
The communication cycle ensures that, if every step is taken correctly, a response from the receiver to sender is given. The cycle allows you to identify any communication barriers that could be affecting your work.   The communication cycle would be great tool when delivering information in a presentation or when using reflective practice.

      1.1 Explain the benefits of different types of communications
There are three main types of communication; verbal, written and non-verbal communication.
Verbal Communication – having a conversation with somebody allows you to receive immediate feedback even if the other person does not realise they have given it. A person’s voice can transmit emotions giving you an inclination of how they are responding to the information. This can allow you to seek alternate routes which could be the route the other person would most likely like to venture. This shows respect and willingness to compromise to reach a target or goal.
Written Communication – allows you to reach many readers at one time and is great for conveying information. Written communication allows you and the receiver to obtain a permanent...