Business Communication Paper

Business Communication Paper

By: Rise Dixon

Comm/285 Introduction to Business Communication

Instructor: Mark Busby

University of Phoenix

May 1, 2010

      Day to day communication is vital in a company such as, McDonald’s restaurant. In an eight hour shift you and your employees communicate throughout the shift. Varies the types of communication that will take place these include face to face, electronic, posted messages, internet, and cell phones. How these different types of communication works throughout an average shifts, helps effectitivty run this said working shift. From the communication from manager to manager, manager to employee, and from crew member to crew member all of the types of communication is used.

How these different types of communication effect each working day as the following. Face to face is the main source of communication. This type of communication is a manager first interaction with other crew members. An average day includes crew members clocking in and the checking with the manager to see which position he or she will be in for the day. If you are to run a register, you first verify your cash drawer, then you communicate to the manager that your drawer is at the correct amount. Once the crew member is set up to take order on what is called front counter, the crew member is now involved in face to face with the consumer. If you are a manager your first type of communication is face to face and written communication. These two types of communication goes together because not only are you discussing the issues, you also have preshift paperwork that has to be done to be properly prepared for your shift. Next type of communication involves electronic and internet, they include computer software system such as, the cash register system, which communicate between the order taker, order make and order preparer. Cell phone usage to communicate with other managers, owner, and higher up management...