Business Awareness

Monica Fukushima



The GO NEGOSYO was a summit among the country’s business leaders , rising businessmen and the students who are referred to as “the country’s future”.   I was excited about the fact that a lot of business students from different schools will be able to join especially those from public schools or one’s who don’t have as much opportunity as Lasalle Students to be exposed to businessmen of such caliber. I think that it’s very important that the youth entrepreneurs are guided well that our dreams and plans are managed well and this summit was an opportunity to listen to those who have made it to where we aspire to be., and whose techniques we may adopt or pattern after.

However chaotic the event was, (more on that later) It was a positive attempt to cultivate the young entrepreneur’s mind. At 8 am I arrived to an overcrowded front entrance with students spilling over on to the drive way. I decided to return at 10:30 and eventually got in.

Seminars were held in a room that could only hold about 80 people a time; However, there was a projector outside by the lobby that continually replayed all the previous speeches given by the speakers.   By the time I was thru waiting in line to get   into the World Trade Center and once again waiting in line for registration, it was already noon time.

What I observed and learned from this event was the collective insights from the snippets of advice and success stories of the speakers, and the environment; students from different schools, and the business exhibit.

I’ve realized that there is abundance of information, raw materials, business opportunities yet there is a big shortage of Filipino Business Moguls. Philippine’s economy is ran by the Chinese and Spanish-Filipino businessmen . The Filipinos are still trailing way behind, still stuck in the small thinking that a food business is a family run catering business or that a sari-sari store is a sole proprietor business.