Business Analysis

Business Analysis Part 1
Learning Team A
MGT 521

Executive Summary
The current worldwide recession has led many people to rethink their financial portfolios. The choice to invest in a company has become a challenge to even the wisest of investors. Some solid companies have set themselves apart and are primed for new money that will enable those companies to continue the pursuit of their vision.
Ford Motor Company is a leading company for investors to support. This company is currently at the point of becoming number one in the automotive industry. The strength of Ford is the willingness to expand the Ford brand. This expansion includes the populous and even more important lucrative Asian markets of India, and China. The Ford name is known worldwide and although the recession is slowly entering recovery Ford has already pledged to add 12,000 jobs to the payroll before 2015.
Ford weathered the 2008 recession through the astute planning of senior executives to set up a credit plan in 2006 prior to the government bailout that their competitors willingly accepted. This showed strength otherwise unknown in this industry to internal and external stakeholders who were drawn to the company if for no other reason than to find the secret to success. The value of the company has increased while reliability and reasonable prices have opened many new avenues for the company to pursue worldwide.
The United States remains in the throes of a recession unlike any since the Great Depression of 1929. Many businesses have been forced to reduce staff, production, and in the worst cases have shut down completely. The businesses that withstood the challenges of the recession are reaping the benefits of remaining a viable force in their respective industries and also a recognizable brand to loyal consumers.
Ford Motor Company is a leader in the automotive industry. The lights were never dark at Ford. The government bailout of the industry did not include Ford. Ford was able to...