Business Analysis Report

Business analysis report

SCOPE & Project Objectives:
First off, we would like to thank you again for selecting our company to implement your requested inventory control system. What we are proposing is to deploy a single platform that will cover your inventory tracking, vendor tracking, and reporting requirements.
Your company is small with around 30 employees sharing the same office space. As it stands right now, your accountants, managers, and employees are keeping track of inventory and vendor information, along with actual order tracking information on paper. As a result it is very difficult to find a specific piece of information, because you physically have to locate it in a file, in a folder, in a room somewhere. And with a small staff, you can’t really afford to have the few staff you have spending all their time in the file storage area instead of working on their primary job functions of monitoring the supply chain, or order fulfillment, etc. Therefore, it is very time consuming to first find the information, then to seek out any other related records that you might need to process or order, for instance, because you don’t even know if it exists and you have to look through every filing folder to make sure. You already have personal computers and a single server that stores your files in a central location. The computers are all running Windows have Microsoft Office installed on them. You purchase inventory from your vendors, and you need to be able to track what was order, when it was ordered, when the vendor promised to deliver the order, and when it actually arrived.
As such, you need a system that will allow you to enter and keep track of all of your different data elements and provide timely and insightful on-demand reports and tracking information across your supply chain.

We are proposing to leverage your current IS/IT environment by implementing an Access database application, which will be familiar to your employees, who already use the...