Business Admin L4 Unit 1

Unit 1
1.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of negotiating realistic targets and resources for work and ways of doing so
Realistic targets balance meeting company aims and goals with ensuring that the person pursuing them remains in high morale and can work comfortably and stress free.
Employees will put in more effort into achieving realistic targets, particularly if they feel they will be rewarded for achieving them.
Alongside targets, realistic resources will ensure the appropriate amount will be assigned for a particular task, meaning that resources can be appropriately allocated across all departments.
In order to set realistic targets, historical data and projections should be analysed to form an appropriate factual base. Further adjustments should be made by speaking to the individuals involved within the task to understand their personal projections and capabilities.
1.2 Analyse different ways of working effectively, and the purpose and benefits of using effective working methods
There are numerous ways to work more effectively, including:
  * Effective Time Management- Prioritising tasks to ensure that time spent at work is used most effectively
  * Effective Organisation- By arranging documents and resources effectively, minimal time is used and mistakes are less likely to occur
  * Effective workplace layout- A smarter office layout will reduce time spent walking between different departments and promote more effective communication
  * Maintaining a healthy lifestyle- A good diet and sleeping regime will promote activeness at work and help to combat stress
  * Avoiding Distractions- Turning off phones/e-mails for certain periods will help in completing tasks, particularly tasks with a long duration that require concentration
By carrying out the above suggestions, staff will be able to increase their performance at work, improving efficiency and being more likely to be selected for important tasks and advancement within their careers....