Busi 604

Ramona Alexander should take on the new role as a junior manager of Next Step Herbal Health. With the confidence and education that she obtained through her Liberty studies she will be able to find a way to be successful and competitive in any organization. As scripture says, I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13 NIV)
After graduation the student is quickly re-introduced to the real world again. There is no such thing as the perfect company, just like there is no such thing as the perfect church. We have to face it, wherever there are people in organizations there will be problems. Ramona should focus on the success of the herbal supplements and get other points of view. Based off the financial revenues and high reviews there are thousands of people that are investing their health in this company’s product. It may be a product that she can find innovative ways to reach and help many new people reach personal health margins.
Exploring the possibilities in a rapidly growing company is in essence the position that every new recruited professional would want to be in. Yes the company has had it faults based from the surface research Ramona performed at the airport, but faults are found within every company. If she were to continue to research major companies that had downfalls or shortcomings with the public or corporate chain her list would go on and on. Still these same companies who have not made the best ethical decisions or lived up to their promises still have faithful, energetic, innovative, hard working, and Christian employees who are very successful and enjoy their career. As Ramona’s recruiter referenced there will always be some other entity looking to complete your demise if they can help.
Furthermore, Ramona needs more evidence from other sources to validate the discounting remarks made by the “gripe site.” According to Paul and Elder (2002), they explain how a person must reason with each important decision...