Bush Sets the Wrong Example

The economic crisis in Argentina gives Bush a chance to express US foreign interests without being called former President Bill Clinton. Bush wanted to be unlike Clinton by not helping as Clinton did in the economic disasters in 1997 and 1998 of Asia, and in the 1995 Mexican disaster. Currently, President Bush and his economic advisors are in a hurry to correct the problems they once ignored. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill is working very hard to get money to the three countries, although he has fear that the money will end up in Swiss bank accounts.

Argentina was once known for its strong economy. Today, this no longer is true. The catastrophe in Argentina is only getting worse. At first, Bush showed few signs of concern, although now he certainly wishes he would have acted when he had a chance. At the time, Bush’s intention was a punishment. The question is why the Argentinean’s deserve such a punishment. A country with economic assurance, such as the United States, should be willing to help or aid in any way.

It is obvious that President Bush didn’t want to have anything to do with Argentina, but is there a logical reason? Everyone knows that Bush is known for being parsimonious, but why? After all, isn’t America known for being the “friendly” nation? That reputation is decreasing by the day. Bush cares about looking good to Americans. He simply wants to win another election. He will do whatever it takes to keep taxes low, and to make America a better place. He could care less about other countries.

Bush needs to understand that his decisions are affecting other countries in South America, such as the largely populated Brazil, and in a way his decisions are affecting his American people. What is to happen next? The Argentinean people will not forget this. We already have enough countries showing nothing but distaste for America. Wasn’t 9-11 a big enough sign?