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The decade of the 1990s will undoubtedly be remembered as a period that
witnessed an incredible diffusion of information technology through a massive and
unanticipated spread in the use of personal computers (PC) and local area networks
(LAN), the maturing of the Internet, and the development of the World Wide Web
(WWW) and its enabling browser interface software. It was a decade that saw the
emergence of networking and the widespread sharing of information, of the
transformation from personal to work group computing, and of enterprise architecture
and integrated systems. In short, the 1990s was a time when the power of computing and
document creation passed out of the hands of traditional centralized providers of data
and into the hands of individual workers2
In this modern and globalize world a lot of thing might change. In this modern and globalize world a lot of thing might change. The way human
works are no longer the same. In this modern world speed and reliability is a key to
success. People start to rely on computer technology in order to accomplish their desire.
Computer applications have been such important tools that slowly eliminate the use of
current manual system which take more time. In fact in doing business, a lot of
entrepreneurs used internet and computer applications to increase their revenue and
decrease the cost.
The change has also given big impact to the business of many express bus
companies especially in PHILLIPPINES. The idea of c-Ticketing is part of solutions that has
been implemented widely by most of express bus company. In deed the profit grows
because people may easily buy the ticket anytime, anywhere. Moreover most of the
house in Malaysia own at least one computer that can connect to the internet. More than
that, the number of PDA and Smart Phone user increase every year and it will keep on
increasing. In fact when Malaysia transit from a developed to a modem country by...