Bus 372 Week 4 Quiz

BUS 372 Week 4 Quiz
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BUS 372 Week 4 Quiz
1.        Question :        In many collective bargaining agreements
2.        Question :        Dismissal pay is
3.        Question :        Negotiators commonly use at least three different standards when determining basic wage rates at the bargaining table.
4.        Question :        The ability-to-pay method of wage determination is not influenced by the
 5.        Question :        The use of job evaluation to establish relative wage rates is
6.        Question :        The employer is not often obligated to provide reporting pay when
7.        Question :        At present, vacations with pay are a standard practice
8.        Question :        The basic idea behind the ability to pay principle of wage determination is that the economics of a particular collective bargaining                                     relationship should neither fall substantially behind nor be greatly superior to that of other employer/union relationships.
9.        Question :        Today, industry payments for fringe benefits are the equivalent of about 30 percent of total payroll.
10.       Question :        The cost to employers of health insurance plans is
11.       Question :        One drawback of the incentive wage system is that increasing automation in industry is reducing the individual worker’s ability to                                      control his or her own output.
12.       Question :        Non-wage economic benefits should not be considered part of a firm’s total wage bill because these are indirect payments and                                          therefore do not cost a firm as much as direct payments.
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