Bus 303 Week 2 Quiz

BUS 303 Week 2 Quiz
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1. All the following are forms of compensation except:
Fixed working hours
2. ______ is the broadening of the types of tasks and responsibilities performed on the job, with the purpose of creating interesting and less monotonous jobs.
Job enrichment
Job enlargement
Job rotation
Task significance 
3.______ provide the service of leasing talent to other organizations based on their needs.
Employment agencies
Temp agencies
Contingency firms 
4.______ is the degree to which the job allows the incumbent to complete an identifiable work product and see clearly tangible or perceivable outcomes.
Skill variety
Task identity
Task significance
5.Which of the following is NOT one of the ways to measure HR strategic effectiveness?
Return on investment
Price effectiveness test
Economic value added
Balanced scorecards
6.Which of the following is one of HR department’s major everyday tasks?
Sales and operations planning
Supply chain management
Inventory accounting
7.Coaching, mentoring, sharing skills and experience, and promoting a friendly work environment are all forms of ________________.
Organizational citizenship behaviors
Positive attitudes
Work engagement
Organizational commitment 
8.The ______ contains Title VII which guarantees equal opportunity in employment, and prohibits discrimination based on gender, religion, race, national
origin or color.
Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Affirmative Action Law
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
Civil Rights Act
9.______ is the process of reducing the workforce through eliminating jobs, which cuts costs and improves efficiency.
Voluntary separation programs
10.Which of the following is one of the approaches to strategic HR planning?
Inventory forecasting
Environmental analysis