Bus 303 Info Assurance

Bus303: Module 1 Case Assignment
From: Daniel P. Velasquez, Information Assurance Chief
To: ACME Employee’s
Subject: New Email Policy

ACME Employee’s,
This email is to announce a new acceptable email use policy that will take effect on 1 April 2011. All personnel, to include but not limited to employees, consultants, and others working with the company, who use the company’s email system, are required to comply with this policy statement. This policy is to inform all employees’s, within the company, how they are expected to use their company email accounts and what would constitute as misuse in your day-to-day working activities.
Acceptable Email Use Policy-
The use of email by the employee’s of ACME is permitted and encourage as long as its use supports the goals, mission, and objectives of ACME. It is meant to be used for business purposes.
Each employee must ensure they:
  * Comply with current rules, regulations, and legislation
  * Use email in an acceptable way; limited personal use of email is allowed if in compliance with this policy and is reasonable in amount and does not interfere with work performance or business needs
  * Do not misuse the internet which can introduce unnecessary risk to the company

  * Address emails to only those recipients who truly have a need to receive your message;
  Copy only those recipients who you believe have a need to know this email message was sent;
  * Write a short but informative Subject line so recipients can easily determine the purpose of the email and the subject it is about;
  * If only writing to a few recipients (no more than 3), please address them by their full names at the top of the email, in the same way you would if writing a letter to them;
  * Emails should contain brief and complete messages. Do not assume recipients will know what you are speaking about. Provide complete information.
  * Properly space and paragraph your message, in the same way as if you were writing a message;...