Bus 210

The business that I chose to write about is a convenient store down the road.   It has recently changed owner ship to someone who owns another store just about five miles down the road.   This store has competition from other stores about a mile or less away on both sides.
Business as a Commerce plays a role here because the owner has to pay money to buy the supplies to fill the store.   This store has several venders that provide them with the items that they need: sodas, candy, water, beer, donuts, etc.   The store makes a profit from the products that it sells because they are selling the product for more than they are purchasing it for.  
Business Occupation would be the customer buying the product at a good price and continuing to come into that particular store. The people in this store prepare foods for the day as well as the food on the shelf.   There are only four different employees that do this to insure that they are accurate with the cooking of each of the different items.
Business as an organization applies here because there is a corporate person that does all the negotiating with different venders.   Each store is owned by the corporation but ran by an individual.   The store managers will let the corporate people know what is needed and they have someone who does shopping around to see what the competitive price of things are so that they are sure that they are getting the most profit out of their business.  
This particular store, according to some of its employees, has been doing better since they changed the ownership.   They say that they owner before did not know how to manage the store to make sure that they were getting the best price for things and selling it a t the correct price.