Bus 210

Week 1

DQ 1
    The companies that are more profitable than others are the ones who invest their resources into the product wisely. By doing this they are generating more profits for their product. For example, Nike Tennis Shoes take large amounts of their resources into advertising for their product. With endorsements by major celebrities and athletes they make their product more appealing to their audience. By in turn they are helping their profit by making the product more appealing to the audience they are targeting. This also raises their profit. The profit being how much the product generates for the company. If they use their profitability wisely by applying their resources to what will generate future profits for their product then they will have a very successful business.

DQ 2
    Explaining how the price of bananas differs from season to season is fairly easy. Knowing first of all that most fruits come in season at different times and there is abundance in one season making the price of bananas lower because there is not a shortage of the fruit. On the other hand there is a season were bananas are scarcer making the price of bananas go up. If it is harder for the distributor to provide the product they are ultimately going to charge more for it. When the product is easily obtained they are going to charge less.

Checkpoint:   Business Models and Systems

    The local business I selected is called “Express Yourself” which is a local T-shirt shop in my area where they make personalized shirts for the customer. This business is family owned and there is not a chain of businesses attached to this one. The business model I would have to say is very simple because there is not another store in their industry in my town. This makes them the only shop available for this particular service.
    Business Commerce -would have to be strictly trade and there is not bartering. Exchanging any goods or services from this business is a money...