Burns Night

FRI 21 Jan 11


It is proposed to hold an informal event where the main theme will be the praise of the Scottish Bard (and generally anything Scottish).

The gathering will be held in the Angry Pirate (1900 hrs for 1930 hrs sharp).   Dress for the evening should be in keeping with the theme - ideally traditional Scottish rig (full rig or kilt with Jacobean shirt).   Officers and SNCOs are to be in Dinner Jacket and the minimum standard for Junior Ranks is to be shirt and tie – ladies to be in equivalent standards of dress – some tartan material should be included ie tie, handkerchief, sash etc

Much of the evening is still in planning however the shindig will consist of a few wee drams, some clatter, more wee drams and a traditional Bill o’ Fare.   There will be a set menu for the evening, so additional dietary requirements (ie vegetarian meal etc) must be highlighted below.

To enhance the evening’s entertainment I will need a few volunteers to recite some of the legendary works of Rabbie Burns and other poets of our time.

There may be an opportunity to invite guests, however we have limited spaces and Capt Smith should be contacted to discuss the number of guest spaces available.

Costs currently estimated to be Bz$10 for Mess Members and first guest, and Bz$35 for non-members and additional guests.

Email or send the return below to book your seats, these are to be returned by Mon 17 Jan 11 (no return submitted will be no place at the function).

Email: deodb.oc@gmail.com Thanks
Tel: 225 2024 Ext 248
Mail: Defence Training Estate, BATSUB Capt J Smith

To: Capt J R Smith From:
Defence Training Estates BATSUB Rank / Name:



I will/will not be attending the Burns Supper on Fri 21 Jan 11.

I will/will not be accompanied by .

My guest / I have the following dietary requirements .
Note:   Confirmation of timings and any relevant further...