Organizational Theory

Written assignment – Case study report on bureaucracy

This case study presents the story of Kristin Lardner, a 21 years old art student who was killed by   her ex-boyfriend Michael Cartier. Kristin was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend and ended up being stalked by her ex-boyfriend and then shot to death. Michael Cartier had a criminal record for breaking, entering, attempted arson, animal cruelty, assault and probation violation and he displayed a conduct disorder from an early age. Before Kristin, Cartier dated Rose Ryan and he was also physically abusive to her as he was to Kristin. Rose Ryan filled a restraining order against Cartier and he was senteced to one year and three months in prison, but he completed only six months.
The bureaucratic system that failed to protect Kristin had the same elements that most bureaucratic systems have. They are basically characterized by some principles that, according to Webber, are based on following the rules, they are based on written documents and there is a certain hierarchy. In Kristin’s case, the fact that all the procedures were based on written documents was not in her favour because after she filled the restraining order against Cartier and he broke this restraing order when he contacted her the night before and also he wasn’t charged with this because of the   lack of communication between the different departments of the public service. Also, the fact that they didn’t put Cartier back in prison because they were experiencing some sort of overcrowding problems with their prisons proves the fact that the bureaucratic system had some failures.
I think that the most important reason that caused the breakdown of the system was the lack of communications between different departments of the public service. In this particular case the fact that Cartier wasn’t put in prison and he managed to trick the system to work in his favour when the court didn’t know if he attended the...