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Date: 01-JUL-2014

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We have the pleasure in submitting our Quotation No: 006899981 for the following job:
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Prices in this quotation are valid for a period of 30 days from
the date of the Quotation after which the prices may be varied
by Bunnings.







Hardwood Species will be supplied at Bunnings discretion unless otherwise requested.
Note: To ensure correct pricing, it is important to state the Quotation number when

For further enquiries concerning this Quotation would you please contact our representative.
Jenna 149908

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This Quotation is subject to Bunnings Terms & Conditions as printed on the reverse side of this form.

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Bunnings is pleased to supply you with goods on the basis of the following:

Quotes & Estimates
Unless our quotation/estimate specifies otherwise, it is valid only if the full quantity is ordered within 30 days. Also, the order must be for delivery
within 30 days (except some special orders where we require a longer delivery lead time).
If circumstances change (eg our cost price changes) then we might alter or withdraw the quotation/estimate. We will tell you if this happens.
You must ensure that the quantities and specifications on which our quotation/estimate is based are correct and reflect your requirements. If you
wish to change the order or product specifications we will requote the order.
We will be bound to supply you the Goods when Bunnings accepts your order (but not before), and you will then be bound to pay for them.

You will be charged for delivery unless otherwise specified. Bunnings will give you...