Most people don't realize how big of a problem this is. Bullying is so common in our lives that we don't even realize that it's happening when it does. We believe it to be something normal, everyday thing, when it's not. Not even close. Everytime it happens, adults say "They're kids. They'll get over it." and "it builds character and makes them stronger. They can deal with it themselves." when in reality, it breaks us and rips us apart bit by bit.
Why should people give in to bullies?Why do we have to let them hurt and harass us physically and emotionally? Is it because we're different? Because we're not normal? What makes us different from the rest of them? What is normal?
According to recent studies,twenty percent of kids have been bullied. fifteen percent of students report not showing up for school out of fear of being bullied while there. Over ten percent of these kids believe the only way to get away from the harrassment is to change schools where they can start over again. But why should these kids be the ones changing when bullies roam free all over the place?
The harassment doesn't end when you step off the bus and go home. Cyberbullying is becoming common on many social networks. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, and so many other sites experience this. Teens of a variety of ages hide behind a computer screen, feeling they can do whatever they want to and say what they want and no one would be able to catch them. forty two percent of teens have been cyber bullied. Eighty percent have said they have seen it happen.I've seen it and experienced it. I've felt how much it hurts not only me but my friends and family. How many of you, reading this right now, have experienced any type of bullying? And how many of you have thought, any time in your life, that you weren't good enough or thought bad things about yourself? I have felt both of those. I bet many of you have experienced sometype of cyberbullying at one point.
Telling someone that they're fat...