Bullying Speech

English Speech – bullying
Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
100 of 1000s of years ago, human beings are seen upon the face of the earth. Man helping man, family helping family, and community helping community for what, to feast on the deer’s meat and bones, all to share the pride of teamwork and justice that everyone deserves their fair share. There equal share. It didn’t matter that they were black or white! Female or male! They all got there equal share.
But today, I bring you forth to the 21st century, an amazing feet, wireless phones, computers, technology, one button can blow the whole universe 7 times over. But, no matter how far we have come, there is still the hatred and darkness that leers through the communities’ massive bubble. the bubble that contain the hopes and dreams or everyone in this room, but to make it a success, we as a nation must break the needle in our bubble, racism…
I have a dream that we, as a classroom! As a nation! We will have no segregation of racism running through our veins that decides our very existence. Let the choir bells sound as freedom is sung from the out hearts. Let no discrimination stand in our way, let nothing change your future, our future.
Don’t let that needle pop the bubble, before it’s too late, before you sink down down down on the cold, heartless ground of no forgiveness.
But together, we will rise from the ashes of sorrow and stand for it no more ! We will not admit defeat! We will for together, as a team, so that they will become little, weak, defenceless. We will rise upon the stone of bullying, and won’t give that needle time to penetrate the our bubble of brotherhood.