Building the Team

Building the team M3:11

2.1 Explain what behaviours you have developed in order to maintain trust in your detachment.

In order to main trust at the detachment I aim is to set aim example in the way I present myself and behave. . A good leader should possess characteristics that encourage the formation of a close knit, solid team. Many of these are my own natural and personal characteristics, but to some have to be learnt.

I have been told that I have an approachable demeanour and I am genuinely a caring person. I am also trustworthy and loyal, with a deep sense of integrity and fairness, and high, but not narrow, moral values.

I am enthusiastic and encouraging to others, showing my upbeat, positive nature. As a firm believer in self discipline and hard work, I am reliable and punctual. My natural tact, diplomacy and understanding mean that my team are happy to discuss any matters freely. Communication and listening are essential for building a good team, ensuring that time is allocated for them

Having been supplied with knowledge, through training with the Cadet Force, and gained qualifications I have become more confident and decisive, not afraid of using my own judgement to address issues which are causing problems. By ensuring that I have up to date information I can plan ahead, be forward thinking, but maintain a degree of flexibility.

Committed to the detachment I am willing to take responsibility and stand up for the team, supporting them as necessary. I have learnt to deal with issues in a calm and straight forward manner.

2.2 Explain why confidentiality is important in building and maintaining trust within the team.

To earn a reputation of reliability you need to earn the trust of the other team members.   Respecting, and keeping confidences, is paramount as team leaders need to be able to be trusted with private and confidential information.

You should never share information that you have been asked to keep confidential and...