Building Partnerships

Performance Technologists and others in the organization can initially look to the mission for clear guidance when making challenging decisions, knowing that it is strategically aligned with the shared goals and objectives defined (Pershing, 2006).
Organizations today, stressed by enormous competitive pressures, often jump into action
before stepping back and analyzing exactly what action is most appropriate. In order to build a solid partnership with these three organizations and a better understanding of what these departments need, I would first have to recognize what goals and objectives we share.   Shared goals and objectives cannot, however, be limited to those of the organization; and will not succeed without the support of their partners and the ability to make valuable contributions to their clients and their clients’ clients (Pershing, 2006). In aligning goals and initiatives, I have to develop a common vocabulary.   FedEx as an example uses acronyms for just about everything, POC means percent of contribution, QDM, WFM mean Work Force Management.   Understanding and using the same language allows departments with an organization to communicate effectively.   Knowing and using the same vocabulary assures each department is of like minds.   It would be very frustrating to collect data only to find out that you have collected the wrong information because you thought they wanted something else.  
In building a partnership I need to identify, analyze and eliminate obstacles that have a negative effect on the achievement of the business deliverable by understanding the situation through defining the objectives, the people who are impacted and the tasks that will be required for them to do.   Also before any contact with the executives I must make sure that all changes will complement one another.   The Customer Service department, the Training department, and the Marketing department would be my focus to see if I could align and build partnerships for new work...